Vistar Technologies has an agreement with the ABMS as an official display agent through the ABMS Direct Connect Select Service. The ABMS Direct Connect Select is a proprietary XML Web based service that provides clients with a reliable, secure connection to conduct direct electronic queries to the ABMS Database from the system interface and to retrieve and store information for verification purposes. This also allows Vistar to provide primary equivalent source data reports on behalf of the ABMS that are valid for meeting accrediting requirements.

Advantage Technologies

Advantage Technologies is the world leader in fax server software, with a market share of more than five times that of its closest competitor. The product is installed in all of the Fortune 100 companies and more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 companies. The RightFax solution's modular and scalable design makes it affordable for any size organization, and is perfectly suited for high-availability, enterprise document delivery scenarios.


Vistar saw early on that CAQH had the resources to provide a national credentialing tool. In response, Vistar was the first to market with a fully automated interface with CAQH using our Dynamic Import Utility. Our clients can import CAQH data and images automatically and establish Roster and Provider Queries right from the eVIPs system. Our clients can achieve improved accuracy and efficiency and eliminate hours of key stroking.

Credential America

Credential America was founded in 1989 with the goal of providing excellent verification services to health care organizations in a cost effective manner. For over twenty years, they have provided timely, thorough, secure and accurate verification of professional credentials including the candidates' education, training, malpractice history, licensure and more. Credentialing offices across the country rely on them to create greater office efficiency while realizing cost savings. Their research procedures conform to the guidelines of NCQA, TJC, URAC and the AMA Code of Ethics assuring effective results.


National Industry Provider Resources


The eVIPs system interfaces directly with the NPDB and it is completely automated. Vistar has a bi-directional data interface with NPDB that sends requests to NPDB via the ITP protocol and receives report data sets that load direct to the provider records. Users simply click on the request data line in the sanction screen and view the reports in the eVIPs™ system. Any report can be printed and or viewed in the appropriate NPDB required format.


The eVIPs system offers an automated electronic data exchange with the FSMB to help minimize data entry, maximize integrity of data and enhance the speed of which a credentials file is processed.