"We just received our written audit results, and we scored a 99.8% in credentialing, something we could not have accomplished without Vistar.  I am so grateful for you all in recognizing our need for speed!"

—Nikki Proffitt, MBA - Credentialing Manager
CorVel Corporation

“ It is without reservation that I recommend Vistar Technologies and their system. From initial planning, testing and implementation through updates, upgrades, and new products and services the Vistar team has been a responsive and knowledgeable collection of professionals.”

—Kenneth Payne
Medical Mutual of Ohio

“Seeing my coworkers start to slip into the new cred routine feels pretty amazing on it's own. Due to the change in the way things work and the system requirements for Vistar, etc, Paula has made a submission request to change my job to Credentilaing Analyst, a position that has never existed at Group Health. Vistar has definitely made a lot of changes in the world of Group Health credentialing. The system is so much better at queries and tracking than anything we've had before and I'm only breaching the tip of the iceberg. All the work that's gone into getting us to this stage is more than well worth it.”

Group Health Cooperative

I would recommend Vistar over any other available database that exists .Not only has Vistar met our overall criteria for administration, auditing, data-mining, data entry minimization and data task automation, management tools and full-featured reporting tools, the system is proven. I can honestly say the database has been virtually trouble-free. Current industry standards of other health plans reflect that they are staffed with at least 5-7 specialists, however with Vistar as our credentialing database we are staffed with 3 for a provider network of over 15,000. Moreover, we have just added the CAQH Dynamic Import Utility which will allow us to pre-populate data for credentialing through rosters and download data directly to Vistar eliminating the need for some data entry. With Vistars excellent track record and multi-entity functionalities we are also using Vistar for network recruiting, provider network management inclusive of contract and contact management.”

—Stephanie Brown
AvMed Health Plans

“When searching for a credentialing database system we were looking for one that would enable us to have a physician’s file at our fingertips. In Vistar, we found that product. Vistar’s strength is its imaging component. By incorporating images as part of a provider’s database record you are able to access all parts of the record on-line. Vistar’s attributes were never better demonstrated than at our recent JCAHO survey. We were able to use Vistar during the Credentials interview and provide the surveyor with information from criteria for granting privileges to demonstrating how each and every bit of information is primary source verified. Vistar has made the credentialing experience at Valley much more pleasant.”

—John Preolo
Manager, Medical Staff Administration Office
The Valley Hospital, Ridgewood, NJ

“I wanted to mention to you that it has been such a wonderful experience working with your company. I deal with a variety of healthcare vendors on a daily basis and I find the staff at Vistar to be the most pleasant and responsive.

—Bridget Lee
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital


“It is an excellent product that has allowed us to reduce time in completion of applications, enrollment forms, etc.  We reduced our usage of paper, copy time for folders, and we now have easy retrieval of provider information.  It has been an investment that has enhanced our work ability each day.”

—Vickie Little, Provider Enrollment Manager
DST Health Solutions, LLC