You Only Need One System To Manage Provider Networks

Healthcare Organizations are taking a new approach to managing provider data. They are moving away from departmentalized software and seeking solutions that eliminate redundant data sources and optimize resources. New solutions must eliminate manual processes and redundant data entry as well as offer true electronic records and opportunities for integration that result in performance improvement for the plan, providers and members. Reduced costs for implementation, maintenance, system administration and process improvement has driven a movement towards vendor-implemented solutions.

The eVIPs™ system offers One End-To-End Solution for Contracting and Network Management

Vistar’s contract management component is a highly configurable, end-to-end solution to track all pre-contracted and renewal provider contract negotiations.  This comprehensive tool will empower the contracting team to organize, standardize and streamline contracting processes. The contracting management component provides the ability to negotiate, generate and manage contracts for all types of providers including complex facility contracts for any LOB. Contracts can easily be tracked from first contact through final approval with all steps documented for reporting, tracking and analysis.

Contract Creation

— Vistar’s contract management functionality supports end-to-end contracting including recruiting, contract initiation, contract generation, ticklers and negotiation tracking. Unlimited document templates can be created for population based on negotiated terms stored in the database. Vistar utilizes industry standard products so that contract design and generation is simple and easy.

Contract Repository

— All contract related documents and versions are captured and finalized contracts are stored as images.  Contract detail is managed in the database for easy auditing and reporting.  Contract changes and language replacements are tracked as well as negotiated terms and detailed rates. All data is searchable to support compliance and performance improvement.

Documents can be scanned, stored, viewed, emailed, faxed and printed.

Contract Negotiation

— Contract details such as sentinel events, trigger dates, configuration efforts, process/approval steps (with email distribution functionality built in for workflow), rates and terms, target dates, contact information and contract generation detail are supported. Code driven rates and terms tables and contract language libraries sets are used to standardize and improved data integrity and performance.

Contract Approval

— Process steps and approval requirements are configured by the client.

Contract Type

— No limit to the types of contracts that can be supported.

Contract Fulfillment Tracking

— With integration, our clients can audit contract fulfillment.

Contract Optimization

— Tracking Contract Data Allows for Optimization and Continuity, Process Steps, Non Standard Reason Codes, Approved Language Sets, Contract Versioning, Contact Tracking and Management.