Credentialing & Quality Management

The eVIPs system offers superior credentialing functionality. Credentialing is a key aspect of overall provider data management, medical staff management and the overall workflow design of provider processing in the eVIPs system.

The eVIPs system offers sophisticated ticklers, expiration reporting and mass processes that ensure verifications are completed in accordance with the national healthcare commissions. The eVIPs system truly simplifies many of the tasks and requirements set forth by the TJC, NCQA, URAC and CMS. Each screen in the eVIPs system has unlimited notes, unlimited images and unlimited data lines. A client is never forced to drop history or data because there are not enough fields to accommodate the information. All data elements and documentation required are easily maintained. The following details the type of information that can be tracked in compliance with industry standards.

The eVIPs system can track many important non-regulatory elements as well, including:

Hospital Privileges

The eVIPs system allows hospitals to manage delineated clinical privileges and provide internal online access for quick verification by clinical staff via our e-Privileges module. eVIPs system functionality allows hospitals to establish facility specific or multi-entity appropriate master table of privileges with detailed procedures and/or core descriptions. Delineated privileges are assigned to individual providers by department (service) and privilege type.  Automating the management of clinical privileges promotes simple application and renewal processing and ensures compliance with CMS and standards regulations.

The eVIPs system allows each client to design their privileges based on core or the traditional laundry list method, or a combination of both.


Quality Management

Special consideration was given to Quality management tools to simplify the collection and analysis of practitioner performance information making compliance with OPPE and FPPE standards seamless.  We provide tools that manage the Peer Review process, updates from clinical systems for fundamental quality indicators and performance data, chart and site review tools, corrective action plan management, patient and practitioner satisfaction tracking tools and unlimited possibilities for quality improvement measurement.  Each client can configure the quality measures appropriate to the services provided by their organization in accordance with TJC and CMS standards.

Managed Care tools include chart, site, and HEDIS surveys.