The method by which clinical privileges are granted to a provider is critical and having a credentialing system that supports criteria-based privileging is imperative for compliance.  eVIPs™ makes the process of designing and managing criteria-based privileges easy.


-Grant or update privileges in mass with ease

-Easily manage individual privilege detail including status and effective dates, limitation, proctor and more

-Create and manage a master set of core privileges

-Create and manage specialized add-on privileges

-Associate any number of criteria to a single privilege to ensure privileges are ONLY assigned to individuals that meet required criteria.  Criteria-based requirements include: facility specific information, degree types, specialties, departments and/or divisions

-Set limitations and proctor requirements to core and individual privileges per practitioner


Serve up provider privileges throughout your hospital community with ePrivileges.  The ePrivileges module allows clients to provide easy access to real-time privilege delineations and practitioner photographs via an intranet or internet connection. There are multiple ways to search including: provider name, specialty, department, core privilege, procedure and more! The ePrivileges self-service tool is easy to use and intuitive.


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