Vistar Technologies has been instrumental in the advancement of medical staff and provider data management software since 1997.   The release of it’s next generation, web-based, product suite confirms Vistar’s commitment to delivering distinctive solutions for the healthcare industry.eVIPs Dashboard The eVIPs™  system offers a truly electronic provider record, simple information access and integration resulting in greater efficiencies all through a web browser.  Vistar collaborates with its customers and industry resources such as CAQH, ABMS, and NPDB to implement automation and state-of-the-art functionality.

Vistar offers robust workflow solutions that streamline recruiting, credentialing, practitioner contracting as well as intelligent practitioner relationship management features.  Vistar’s automated primary source verification functionality includes interfaces with QRXS, NPDB Continuous Query Service (PDS), System for Award Management (SAM), ABMS Direct Connect Select, and others.  Vistar offers Targeted Verification features which allow for quick access to preferred websites to access and capture the true electronic primary source verification.  Vistar’s solutions support compliance with CMS, NCQA, URAC and TJC requirements.

Vistar has been acknowledged for best practice solutions and provides broad industry experience and superior subject matter expertise that proves instrumental to strong customer/vendor relationships. Our passion for providing quality products and services has proven Vistar as a nationally recognized leader in innovative solutions for the healthcare industry.


Vistar Technologies offers a robust end-end-solution that streamlines primary source verification, provider data management and reporting to support risk management and compliance for Medical Staff Management.


Medical Staff Management is Easy with Powerful Rules-Based Credentialing
-Automated Verifications
-Automated Tasks & Alerts
-FPPE/OPPE Management and Reporting
-Facility Specific Privilege Delineations


Designed to Ensure Compliance with CMS, TJC, NCQA, and URAC Standards
-Continuous Monitoring
-Direct NPDB Interface
-SAM Match
-Quality Management Tools
-Targeted Verifications


Increase Productivity with Powerful Automation
-Facsimile and Email
-Automated Workflow Processes
-Automated Profiling


Instant Access to Provider Information with Self-Service Tools
-Online Privilege Delineations
-Online Application Process
-Online Primary Source Responses
-Online ER Call Schedule
-Online Credentialing Status and Practitioner Summary
-Online Physician Referral
-Online Directory 

Vistar Technologies offers a suite of products that complement the core eVIPs™ system for medical staff management.  These powerful products were designed to drive the provider and clinical community towards self-service options via your portal.  Learn more about each product below:




If you would like to learn more about our core system, eVIPs™, or any of the complementing products mentioned above, give us a call at 888.266.4532 or email us at  We'll be happy to provide a product demonstration for you.