Workflow Automation

The eVIPs system has many automated workflow features that significantly improve productivity and streamlines all aspects of provider management related to recruitment, enrollment, credentialing, contracting, and network management through innovative workflow automation.

Sophisticated Ticklers

Powerful aging and working reports track and respond to expirations, renewal, incomplete credentials criteria, quality improvement issues, verification cycles and more. Intuitive tickler or follow-up flags are on every screen for every item entered.

Rules Based Processing

• Rules Based Credentialing
• Rules Based Pending Options
• Rules Based Data Loading with Dynamic Import Utility
• Automated Review
• Automated Renewals
• Automated Verifications
• Automated Ticklers
• Auto Populate Receive Dates Based on Scan Documents or Data Loading
• Auto Generation of Letters Based on Specific Status Changes
• Auto Load ABMS Specific Data Based Real-time During Verification 
• Contact Management with Automated Distribution for Follow-up
• Eliminate Manual Approval and Documentation Process – Automated Process Steps
• Automated Provider Profiling Data Collection – Faster Processing


An intricate part of the workflow automation comes standard with the eVIPs system. You never pay extra for a key part of automated credentialing.

Mass Processing

Mass generate correspondence from any list or report in seconds.  Save time by releasing your applications and letters at the end of the day in one easy process. You have the option to produce forms, letters, faxes or emails on demand or simply release them during off peak times. Mass generate correspondence from any list or report in seconds.

Application Population

Populate applications and forms as needed. Simply scan any form application into the system and code it once - with the ability to use it again and again.

Automatic Confirmation

Profiles are updated with verification dates when you scan or capture verification documents.

Multi Entity Tracking

Assign multiple entities to providers individually or in mass. Run simple entity filters to work specific provider files.