Healthcare Organizations are taking a new approach to managing provider data. They are moving away from departmentalized software and seeking solutions that eliminate redundant data sources and optimize resources. New solutions must eliminate manual processes and redundant data entry as well as offer true electronic records and opportunities for integration that result in performance improvement for the plan, providers and patients. Reduced costs for implementation, maintenance, system administration and process improvement has driven a movement towards vendor-implemented solutions.

eVIPs system

eVIPs, the next generation product suite, offers a powerful core system with comprehensive end-to-end functionality for quality and provider data management. The eVIPs system is a robust workflow solution that will streamline recruiting, credentialing, contracting,  and ongoing monitoring and compliance and will provide a core source system for quality analysis, data access and reporting.

The best way to optimize resources is to provide a central repository for data collection, images and documents. The eVIPs system will be the enterprise data repository for all provider data and activity. Vistar provides sophisticated security to protect confidential data while providing full functionality for efficient processing of all types of healthcare providers. Data integrity is maximized with regular data updates, automated feeds and code driven database design. Web based search tools allow the data to be viewed by internal departments, providers, and other consumers as needed with minimal IT maintenance. Provider demographics and statuses can easily be accessed with powerful web based tools.

Vistar Technologies offers a suite of products that complement the core eVIPs system. These powerful products were designed to drive the provider and clinical community towards self-service options via your portal.  Patients, providers, and internal staff can easily access provider information with pricing and quality detail using the online VIP Directory. Clinical staff can access privilege delineations and procedural detail real-time with ePrivileges and ER Scheduler.


The Directory offers access to multiple user communities and allows our clients to control what information is served up to each user community that accesses the directory (patient, provider, internal).  Information can be limited to provider demographic data or can include information related to quality and pricing.  The VIP Directory meets the requirements driven by today's legislation focusing on data transparency and access.  Vistar‘s Online Directory is driven by web services to provide real-time queries into the eVIPs™ system.  The Directory is engineered to be user friendly and configurable to each client’s database and is NCQA and 508c compliant (handicapped accessibilty).  The Directory will be customized to reflect our client’s look and feel when displayed to the public.

Contract Management

Contract Management Tracking

The eVIPs™ Contract Management component is a highly configurable, end-to-end contract management solution used to manage all pre-contract and renewal negotiations.  This comprehensive tool allows the contracting team to organize, standardize and streamline the contracting processes and capture contract details such as sentinel events, trigger dates, configuration efforts, process steps, fee schedule information, target dates, contact information and contract development and generation details. The contracting process is easily tracked from first contact through final approval with all steps documented for reporting, tracking and analysis of all aspects of the contracting process.

Standardized rates and terms tables and contract language libraries allows for unlimited pre-approved contract templates that will drive cost-effective negotiations and support simplified integration with claims systems. 

Customizable dashboards drive the workflow process and include tasks, renewals, metric reports and new record assignments.

Features Include:

  • Global Document Types
    • Language Library
    • Rates
    • Terms
  • Dashboard Driven Workflow
  • Document Templates can be Microsoft Word or PDF
  • Document Compare
  • Audits and Integrated Alerts
  • Data Driven Contract Detail
  • Document and Image Repository
  • Simplified Contract Negotiation
    • Approved Language Library
    • Approved Alternative Language
    • Standard Rates and Terms byDocument Type
  • Electronic Signature
  • Online Status Updates


This powerful product offers outside organizations the ability to log on to a secure web page to research the status of files being processed. After a roster of records being processed is displayed, the end user can click on a particular record and view full practitioner information including images, confirmation dates, payer enrollment status and more.



Online Privilege Delineations

This module allows clients to provide easy access to Real-Time Privilege Delineations and practitioner photographs via an Intranet or Internet connection. Vistar's unique privileging function allows each client to design core privileges and/or detailed privilege delineations based on their needs.


Vistar’s eApply module allows providers to review their records online and submit applications, updates and documents electronically.  Once the providers have entered their data, changes or documents via eApply, internal staff will review and accept and merge the data into the live core database. The review process offers a comparison to current data and helps clients ensure data quality. This Self Service tool helps to reduce cost related to data maintenance and improves provider satisfaction.


The eSearch module is a web-based program that allows internal users to view practitioner information and credentialing information in a view-only mode.  Clients can also designate specific images to be available to the end user to preview and/or download.  This program is intended for internal users that do not have a license to the eVIPs core application and do not need to make any data changes.  



Online primary source responses

This online query and letter generation tool eliminates the task of responding to verification requests from Hospitals, CVO's, and Healthcare organizations.

Paperless Quality Survey Management

Vistar Technologies has developed a comprehensive Laptop Quality Survey Management Module that allows Quality Review departments to design an unlimited number of electronic review forms (chart review, site survey, HEDIS, delegation review and TJC self-assessment).

Completed reviews are uploaded to the eVIPs system. Specific information and copies of the review forms are automatically saved on the appropriate practitioner's record inside the system. One facility review form can update all of the practitioners in a single group with a click of a button.

Scheduling Management

This feature is part of our paperless Quality Survey Management described above. Quality management professionals can manage what records require surveys, the scheduling activity, staff workload and performance. Automated calendars allow for easy management of overall staff activity.

Integration Tools

System integration has been the cornerstone of our success. We encourage and recommend interface strategies that optimize services data exchange with Web Service (SOA) so that other system data can easily be incorporated into the custom business logic.  We interface to specific industry systems and develop custom interfaces to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Dynamic Import Utility

Dynamic Interface Tool

The Dynamic Import Utility Module allows our clients to import data from multiple data sources including: CAQH, and other Healthcare Industry sources (i.e.  state licensing boards), as well as data sources specific to our clients' needs such as data related to delegated entities, CVO and verified data, contract entity data. The Dynamic Import Utility allows your eVIPs system to be the broker for all provider data quickly and easily.


Real Time Messaging

Vistar offers an EDI interface tool that runs in the background to allow for real time messaging and updates for electronic data exchange using HL7 messaging. This is used to update key systems or middleware interface engines within an organization when data is updated, added or deleted in the eVIPs system. The update specifications are individual to each client and can be adapted to your interface tools and middleware requirements.